Our DBT clinicians have extensive experience in providing DBT in both the public and private sector. Most of our individual DBT therapists have received 10-day Core Clinical Training from the Treatment Implementation Collaborative Inc. and have worked in the mental health field for several years. All of our DBT group facilitators have received DBT skills training through Behavior Tech Inc. 


We believe in providing a variety of treatment options to our clients. Following an intake assessment, we will make treatment recommendations based on a comprehensive risk assessment. If a client is deemed high risk, we recommend they engage in Full DBT. If a client is lower risk and wants to explore other treatment options, we will discuss what type of treatment plan would be best suited for their situation. We create all of our treatment plans collaboratively with our clients. 


Our current rates for individual therapy range from $110 - $150/50 minute session, depending on the clinician.  

Group rates are $95/2-hour group.

*Insurance Policies: Most private insurance companies will reimburse clients for therapy sessions. It is the responsibility of the client to know what their insurance coverage policies provide. Receipts are provided for both insurance and tax purposes.   

How do I know I'm getting full DBT?

Full DBT Treatment involves weekly DBT skills training groups with a homework review component, weekly individual therapy sessions, and access to skills coaching to help you apply skills outside of group.

A DBT Therapist should have comprehensive core clinical training of 10-days from a recognized training program. A skills group leader should have a minimum of 5-day training in skills and coaching from a recognized training program.


All DBT team members are required to attend weekly consultation team meetings. Consultation team is a meeting where therapists work on staying adherent to the treatment, decreasing burn-out, and when necessary applying the treatment to one another. A comprehensive DBT team consists of three or more clinicians.

Questions to

Ask Your

DBT Therapist:

  1. Do you have 10-days of Core Clinical Training from TIC or Behaviour Tech?

  2. Are you on a consultation Team?

  3. Do you offer skills coaching?

  4. Do you use diary cards and complete chain analyses regularly?

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