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Jerra Fraser MA, CCC 
Canadian Certified Counsellor

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I deeply believe in the power of balancing connection, change, and radical acceptance. My hope is to help you learn how to meet the inevitable painful parts of life with humour,  grace, and creativity rather than the many (and very human) ways in which we avoid difficult moments in order to live wholeheartedly with purpose and self compassion. I help my clients navigate challenges with the goal of fully experiencing the richness of their lives without fear of feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions. My belief is that meaningful therapy includes both insight and problem solving and I am dedicated to a collaborative process that empowers individuals to access the wisdom they already possess. I have over ten years experience of working from a trauma informed,  feminist lens supporting survivors of gendered and sexualized violence. I think we would be a great fit if your goals include processing loss, the impact of interpersonal trauma, making sense of something that does not yet make sense, or deepening your self awareness in order to feel more settled in your day to day experiences.  Considering this work is already a kind thing you have done for yourself.


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