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Kyla Johnston RPN MPN
Registered Psychiatric Nurse

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My career in the public sector has involved working with individuals living with a variety of mental health diagnoses in the inpatient setting. The majority of my career has been spent working on a team implementing an inpatient Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) program where I have worked in the capacity of frontline nurse, resource nurse, group facilitator, and individual therapist. This experience has prepared me for working with individuals struggling with complex diagnoses whom often cope and survive through the use of maladaptive behaviours.

I am passionate about working with individuals collaboratively and fostering a safe and nonjudgmental space for recovery. I work with clients to assess any mental health concerns they might be experiencing and then develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Treatment may involve psychoeducation, building capacities in coping skills, or interventions from other therapeutic modalities.

My graduate thesis focused on researching and understanding the lived experiences of individuals living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) in rural communities. This research provided opportunity to learn from individuals about the ongoing need to improve access to evidence-based treatment for BPD. I continue to provide education sessions to nursing students, mental health teams, correctional institutions, paramedics, and other professionals to increase their understanding of individuals living with BPD and to improve access to compassionate services.

The initial therapy session will involve a thorough mental health assessment, from which the treatment recommendations and treatment plan are developed. I work with my clients to determine areas of focus for treatment and strategies to work towards behavioural and emotional change.

My work in the public sector has involved working with individuals with a variety of diagnoses. My primary focus has been working with individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, as well as substance abuse, eating disorders, mood and anxiety disorders.



Master of Psychiatric Nursing (MPN), Brandon University, 2016                                                                                           

Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BScPN), Brandon University, 2011

DBT Linehan Board Certified Clinician #1695


Attendance in Workshops, Conferences, Courses


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy- Overview (2-day) Treatment Implementation Coll. (TIC)   2012


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy- Skills Training (3-day)- TIC   2012


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy- Behaviour Planning/Shaping (2-day)- TIC  2012


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy- Core Clinician Training (7-day) - TIC 2012/2013


Doing DBT: Case Formulation- Dr. K. Koerner Practice Ground Learning 2015- 2016  


Innovations in Clinical Assessment & Treatment of Suicidal Risk- Dr. D. Jobes 2016


The Pain Paradox: Treating Complex Trauma Workshop (2-day)- Dr. John Briere 2016

Conceptualization and Assessment of Somatoform Disorders- Dr. Kyle Boone 2018


Empty Cloud Sangha 5-day Mindfulness Retreat- Dr. Marsha Linehan 2018

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Prolonged Exposure (4 day) – Dr. Melanie S. Harned 2023

Is it DBT Conference, Seattle (1-day), 2023 

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