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Standard Comprehensive Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) includes seeing an individual therapist at least twice per month, attending weekly DBT skills groups, and having access to skills coaching 7 days a week. 


We currently offer only a standard comprehensive DBT program due to the high demand for specialized DBT services. The comprehensive DBT treatment program is 24 weeks in length.  

Individual Therapy

Individual DBT therapy involves weekly or biweekly hour-long therapy sessions that are structured around targeting behaviours that are getting in the way of making your life worth living. Individual DBT therapists must have attended DBT Core Clinical Training and must attend weekly Consultation Team Meetings. If they are not on a team, it is not DBT. 

We offer individual sessions that are collaborative and empower our clients to work on goals to improve their lives. Therapy sessions involve completing behavioural chain analyses, reviewing diary card tracking, and building on new skills to change behavioural patterns. 

Fees Range:

$160-$180/50 Minute Session

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Skills training groups are held weekly in eight-week blocks. Each eight-week block will cover the Mindfulness module and one of the other three modules, which include Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Clients will need to commit to attendance for a full round of skills program to participate. Completing three consecutive eight-week blocks is the equivalent to a 24-week comprehensive DBT skills training program. Clients must attend individual therapy with a therapist affiliated with our program at least twice per month while attending the DBT Skills Training Group to help them to apply the skills they are learning in group.

Fees: $100/2-hour Skills Group

$800/8-week Skills Training Block


DBT Skills Coaching is an important element of the treatment. Clients must have access to skills coaching to work on generalizing the skills they are learning in group and individual therapy. 

At DBT Winnipeg, we have a skills coaching email provided to clients who are actively attending DBT Skills Groups. They can email for coaching help any time of the week to learn to apply the skills. 

Fees: Included in cost of Skills Training Group

* For workshop or training opportunities, please contact us directly*


DBT Skills Groups are offered in-person 

We are currently running groups on the following days:

In Person: Wednesday   5:30-7:30 PM

In Person: Thursday       9:30-11:30 AM

In Person: Thursday       1:15-3:15 PM


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