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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a treatment developed by a psychologist named Marsha Linehan. This is a treatment that focuses on your goals, skills, and the future that you want to build. This treatment was developed to help clients who struggle with regulating intense emotions, anger, impulsivity, addiction, eating disordered behaviours, self-destructive and suicidal behaviour, trauma, and/or borderline personality disorder.

Standard Comprehensive Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) includes seeing an individual therapist at least twice per month, attending weekly DBT skills groups, and having access to skills coaching 24/7. 

We offer both standard comprehensive and individualized DBT programs depending on each individuals needs. A comprehensive DBT treatment program is 24 weeks in length.

DBT Winnipeg is located in the historic Exchange District of Winnipeg

200-70 Arthur Street

Winnipeg, MB

R3B 1G7

Phone: (204) 815-5815

Fax: (204) 944-9718

For further information, email: info@dbtwinnipeg.com

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